Free your mind

As a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I am able to use specific word patterns that enable me to talk to your unconscious mind, the part of your mind that wants positive change. The part of your mind that wants to stop smoking, or who wants loose weight, the part of your mind that wants to feel less anxious,  less self conscious or someone who wishes to not have a fear of spiders or flying. The list is endless and what ever it is you wish to achieve, I can help you to reach your personal goal.

As the client you will ALWAYS be totally aware of everything that is being said and everything that is going on around you. Your unconscious mind will not allow anything to happen to you that is not for your highest good, you can feel relaxed with total trust. Your higher self wants you to reach your full potential and hypnosis helps you to find those hidden tools that you once had but have forgotten how to use. By bringing them forward gently, mindfully, spiritually and with total concurrency you will have your eureka moments. We will work together on self improvement from the inside out.

I do not offer success rates, what I do offer is a guarantee that I will work to my full potential as a highly qualified therapist. I offer a free no obligation consultation and during that consultation you will decide if hypnotherapy and NLP would be a good way forward on the next step of your journey. During our chat you will be able to talk about your reasons for wanting therapeutic guidance and we can do this over a nice cup of tea or coffee. This will then give you the chance to decide if we can move forward with the therapy needed. We are all unique and as such I will not be able to give you, in advance, how many sessions you will require but, you will know when you have had enough. This will become apparent to you as you watch yourself grow and become a more accomplished person reaching for your ultimate goal.

It is fundamental that you find a therapist who you can be yourself with, someone that you can trust, someone you feel comfortable with. I am naturally a happy person and work well with people from all walks of life. The rapport that we will build together will allow us to have a good giggle once in a while because its most important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. You will find me relaxed and friendly and the therapy I provide is 100% confidential. I provide a gentle holistic approach to Hypnotherapy and NLP and also a comfortable space for you to be yourself completely and without judgement.

I strongly believe that in order to remove the physical weight we carry, we need to remove the emotional weight.

One of the biggest mistakes we make as humans is assuming that everyone thinks the way we think, so everyone’s process is uniquely tailored to each individual. I do not have a one therapy helps all attitude.

So, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or you have had past success with hypnotherapy, give me a call or email me, i can help.

With the kindest regards

Annabella Williams