Hypnosis for beginers

If you’re thinking about Hypnosis as a therapy then you’ve come to the right place. Put the crazy notion out of your head that hypnosis is the same as you have seen on the television, when you’ve watched people picked from the audience and then made to look stupid running around pretending to be a chicken. Pure and simple, that is stage hypnosis.

Hypnosis is very similar to you putting your feet up after a long day at the office, finding that space in your mind and body when you let out a rather long sigh as you launch yourself at the sofa saying,  “ah, that’s better” Its about allowing your mind and body to relax in a state of meditation where the therapist can access your unconscious mind, the part of your very being that holds all the answers to every possible bit of information that you have accumulated since you learned to walk and talk. The place where you hold all the answers to every question, every situation you’ve been in, every strategy you’ve put into place for you to navigate your life on a daily basis. Some of the strategies you’ve put into place work really well and others become outmoded. Its the outmoded strategies that can begin to cause us anxiety, stress, phobias, addictions and all manor of other problems that we become ill equip to deal with. This is why Hypnotherapy and NLP now play a huge roll in today’s therapies. Hypnotherapy is a gentle, holistic and congruent therapy that allows you to slowly find all the answers.


Author: annabella williams

Hi, my name is Annabella. I am 51 and I am a Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner. I also run a meditation group for those who wish to further their knowledge in spiritual beliefs through the art of meditation. My group consists of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and em paths. One evening the conversation turned to past life regression so in order for me to facilitate this process i agreed to look into this subject further. I contacted a lady called Joy Gower who is a Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer based in Blofield, Norwich. It was in the initial consultation i had with her that i realised there was so much for me to learn, for me to better myself and understand fully the principles of past life regression and hypnotherapy. This process started me on a life changing path, one of self discovery, one that enabled me to train with one of the countries leading teachers in Hypnotherapy & NLP (neuro linguistic programming.) I have been trained to the highest standard and i am a member of the NCH. The National Council for Hypnotherapy.

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