Available Treatments

Weight loss                                  Depression

Stop smoking                             Work Related Stress

Anxiety                                           Meditation Techniques


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cluster Headaches

Substance Abuse

Alcohol Related Misuse

Compulsions and Behavioural Disorders



Relationship Therapy

Past Life Regression



Annabella Williams   DIP, HE,HYP/NLPP. REG NCH

Mobile        07379 354264

email:         thelittlehamlet@outlook.com

Lines are open between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday

I am based in Rackheath, Norwich





Author: annabella williams

Hi, my name is Annabella. I am 51 and I am a Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner. I also run a meditation group for those who wish to further their knowledge in spiritual beliefs through the art of meditation. My group consists of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and em paths. One evening the conversation turned to past life regression so in order for me to facilitate this process i agreed to look into this subject further. I contacted a lady called Joy Gower who is a Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer based in Blofield, Norwich. It was in the initial consultation i had with her that i realised there was so much for me to learn, for me to better myself and understand fully the principles of past life regression and hypnotherapy. This process started me on a life changing path, one of self discovery, one that enabled me to train with one of the countries leading teachers in Hypnotherapy & NLP (neuro linguistic programming.) I have been trained to the highest standard and i am a member of the NCH. The National Council for Hypnotherapy.

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