Hypnosis for beginers

If you’re thinking about Hypnosis as a therapy then you’ve come to the right place. Put the crazy notion out of your head that hypnosis is the same as you have seen on the television, when you’ve watched people picked from the audience and then made to look stupid running around pretending to be a chicken. Pure and simple, that is stage hypnosis.

Hypnosis is very similar to you putting your feet up after a long day at the office, finding that space in your mind and body when you let out a rather long sigh as you launch yourself at the sofa saying,  “ah, that’s better” Its about allowing your mind and body to relax in a state of meditation where the therapist can access your unconscious mind, the part of your very being that holds all the answers to every possible bit of information that you have accumulated since you learned to walk and talk. The place where you hold all the answers to every question, every situation you’ve been in, every strategy you’ve put into place for you to navigate your life on a daily basis. Some of the strategies you’ve put into place work really well and others become outmoded. Its the outmoded strategies that can begin to cause us anxiety, stress, phobias, addictions and all manor of other problems that we become ill equip to deal with. This is why Hypnotherapy and NLP now play a huge roll in today’s therapies. Hypnotherapy is a gentle, holistic and congruent therapy that allows you to slowly find all the answers.

Available Treatments

Weight loss                                  Depression

Stop smoking                             Work Related Stress

Anxiety                                           Meditation Techniques


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cluster Headaches

Substance Abuse

Alcohol Related Misuse

Compulsions and Behavioural Disorders



Relationship Therapy

Past Life Regression



Annabella Williams   DIP, HE,HYP/NLPP. REG NCH

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I am based in Rackheath, Norwich




A brief history

Hypnosis dates back to the Greeks and the Romans some 3,000bc.

Sleep temples were used to induce healing whilst in a meditative trance state. These healing temples would leave the individual feeling relaxed, refreshed and wiser. They would become more awake in their bodies and minds.

The term “Hypnosis” is derived from the Greek word meaning “Sleep”

Many prophets throughout history, Buddha, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad, Freya and Odin, Radha and Krishna to name a few, spent their time teaching through the art of the spoken word, words spoken from their hearts, their higher selves. Their teachings would have sparked an internal dialogue in the listener and their words would have touched a place deep in their unconscious mind, and in their  hearts. Their higher selves would begin to understand more on a soul level. This would have been a positive trance state where positive change begins to happen. When we reach that full understanding within our psyche, we feel an internal shift begin to happen, its at that precise moment we know we are destined for more. We begin an internal voyage in order to progress in whatever direction our soul leads us. We look for books to read, we may even decide to change direction in employment. Which ever direction we choose to take the fact remains the same, we are looking for more, something outside the box. What hypnotherapy does is help you to reach the part of your unconscious mind where you hold all the answers, to enable you to remember with renewed energy and insight, to go on that voyage of self discovery, an internal voyage, one that helps you remember who you are without all the baggage you have accumulated. You are an infinite being who is capable of amazing things and your journey is what you make it.



Spiritual hypnotherapy combines the art of hypnotherapy and your higher consciousness.

Chandra from Soul Therapy speaks of “Trans personal or Spiritual Hypnotherapy, This does not require a spiritual belief in a personal deity, a religion or belief in the existence of an immortal soul.” soul therapies.com trans personal/spiritual/hypnotherapy.htm

Spiritual hypnotherapy combines the use of hypnotherapy and NLP and works within your belief system and with your higher self. More and more people are awakening to their spiritual nature.

This means as a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I am able to facilitate your spiritual belief system. This combination of treatment has such profound scope and is as diverse as the many different & wonderful religions across our planet today. It is important as a therapist that I understand the diversity of all individuals and in doing so I am able to offer a unique understanding of each individuals needs as your therapist. Many people struggle on a daily basis and as a hypnotherapist I can help you to unlock all the coping strategies you once had but for some reason your mind has chosen to bury.


Spiritual Connections.

In this day and age there are so many different belief systems and because of this diversity it’s pretty easy to decide where you want your thought process to be. Bringing those thought processes into the Hypnotherapy dynamic is a wonderful way to explore your own unique path, one that allows you to have the connection to your own higher guidance. A lot of people today are finding ways to tap into their higher guidance and because of this more and more people are deciding to lead a more spiritual life, one that complements their life style and because of these diversity,  I say jump in and let your own personal journey talk to you, let it resonate with you and if I can facilitate this process for you then what a wonderful tool to add to an already world renowned therapy that actually works.

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